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What a busy day! I had to FORCE myself to get out of the house today and go handle some bank transactions, I often get so caught up sitting in my pajamas and talking to my students all day that I don’t get a thing done!

I also had to go to the Nextel Store and see about my cell phone. While I was there, one of the young reps actually recognized me as the Queen. He said he has been following my blogs and web site and has been interested in real estate investing for a while now. He was only 21 years old! He wanted to know if I thought he was too young to be involved in investing. Too young to make money??? I don’t think so, in fact I wish I had stumbled upon investing when I was younger! He admitted to having a friend who was about 24 who had already bought 3 properties as an investor and had just bought some fancy Ashton Martin car like the one James Bond drives in the movies! He said he didn’t believe his friend was making the money in the “legal� way until he made him show him the deeds to the houses he bought and showed him how he was investing. I thought that was funny, but I can understand how unbelievable it is for a young man of 24 to have obtained so much wealth at such an early age. But that is indeed what real estate investing can do. In any event, he asked me to come behind the counter of the Nextel store to bring up my web site so he could register on the spot for my next seminar. He was serious and I admire that drive in such a young person.

On the flip side of that, I get people of all ages in my investing classes. One woman who is a grandmotherly type just left my boot camp last weekend. Her name is Miss Emma. Miss Emma is so quiet and shy, but she said she always wanted to invest. During class, when the opportunity arose to purchase one of the properties we saw on our bus tour, she walked to the front of the room with her check book ready to purchase her first investment! I was shocked. Although someone else beat her out on the deal, the fact that Miss Emma took decisive action so quickly tickled me pink! What a GREAT attitude! We are working extra hard for Miss Emma, and will be with her every step of the way as she goes after other properties. I have a special interest in making sure she succeeds, she really reminds me of my grandmother!! So don’t be surprised when I have a story to tell about Miss Emma and her real estate investing!

My point is that no matter what age you are, real estate investing does not discriminate! There is money to be made and I am talking LIFE-CHANGING money. Want to find out more about life-changing money? Do yourself a favor and attend my next seminar on January 4th at:  Can you really afford not to?

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