A Look at 2007-Vicki Irvin-Maryland Real Estate Investing

In the beginning of the year we talked about setting goals and trying to tackle them.We talked about making some changes, even small ones to advance ourselves. Everyone was all ramped up and ready to go and VOILA, we are now approaching the end of the year.

As I got up this morning, I sat in the bed and reflected on my goals and where I excelled or even fell short. I am extra hard on myself, but I have to admit that I am proud of all of the accomplishments I have made over the past year. Not only have I changed my own personal life, but I have touched the lives of many others. Being only one person, I know I can’t affect change in the astronomical ways that I desire, but as long as every now and then someone reminds me of something that I did to help them, either spiritually, emotionally or financially, then I know I am at least doing something right.

Over the course of the year, I have taught residents of the community every single month how to increase their wealth. I have been asked to write a chapter in a book called “Women on Fire� and challenges I have overcome in my life. I have been featured in the movie The Phenomenon along with my husband which chronicles the rapid success of entrepreneurs and the blueprint for how to do it. I shot an infomercial with 4 other guys (I was the only female) that will begin to air nationally in January. I could go on and on, but there is something even more important about what I did over the course of the year.

I learned that life is what you make of it. I learned how to be strong and that everything is not always as bad as it seems and not always as good as it seems either. I learned that family is first no matter what and I learned that the people in your corner really only consists of a handful of names. Remember when you were young and you had a million best friends? Have you noticed as an adult that those friends start to drop off? All for a variety of reasons. Your TRUE circle will always be small.

So today, I want you to think back to what you promised yourself you would do in 2007. How close have you come? Where did you fall short? Are you disappointed in yourself? If so get over it because the beauty of life is that we can always regroup and get back on course. I am personally looking forward to 2008 and looking forward to changing more lives!!

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