I am so honored to have hosted a room full of women in business and those aspiring this past weekend at my Extreme Women Entrepreneur’s Event.  To have so many people sacrifice and dedicate 3 days to you because they believe in your message is something I am truly grateful for and do not take lightly.

Based on the feedback I received, it seems I did my job on over-delivering and everyone was blown away! Glad to know that, I try very hard to give it my all!

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One of the highlights of the event for me was being able to introduce people to Stedman Graham.  While we all know him as Oprah’s boyfriend, many people do not know that he has been running an extremely successful consulting firm for over 15 years.  He teaches major corporations on topics ranging from diversity and leadership to branding your business.

One of the most profound things that stood out for me is not allowing your past to define who you are today.  He spoke of negativity and how people can smell it a mile away when someone gives off that vibe.

A person who grew up in a negative environment has a very hard time letting go as an adult.  If someone constantly put you down and told you that you would never amount to anything then after a while you begin to believe it.

I know many people who try as hard as they may, cannot shake the negative person on their shoulder sabotaging their own progress as well as those around them.  A person like this HAS to be called out in order to effectively make a change.

The reason I say this is because they don’t realize they are doing it because it has become a way of life.  And if everybody allows them to get away with it they will never have to face the behavior for what it is.

It’s hard to tell someone something about themselves without having specific examples to give them, so when the negativity occurs, address it right away.

We all have “things” to overcome in life and we are all a work in progress.  But we can only begin to work on those things when they are addressed, we don’t run from them, and we resolve to become better people.

So please do not let your past or anyone else define you!  You have to stay in control of who you ultimately wish to become!

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