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I just got through talking to a good friend about a situation that was bothering her. She called me upset about a situation with some friends and wanted to know how to handle it. My advise was simple….Take the high road.

It is always bothersome when people deliberately do things to hurt or harm you. But instead of spending energy trying to hurt them back, I say kill them with kindness. Unfortunately you will always be a victim of envy or jealousy and there is nothing you can do about that. Some people just have mean spirits and some don’t even realize the negative energy they are putting on you, they honestly don’t know any better. But if you get angry and spend time trying to get back at them, you have only allowed them to bring you down to their level, a place you know that you are far above. And I know this is easier said than done, because I too struggle with these things all the time. But I am naturally not a mean person, so for me to go there is taking me out of my character and that is giving someone way too much power. I am amazed at the things humans do to each other, but I am no longer surprised. Some people have class and others do not.

And if you ever get a chance to talk to the person who is hurting you, they are just vulnerable people who are probably victims of a bad experience and their only way of handling it, is to spread that on to others. Most of the time they are going through a bad situation, so try not to take it personal. Life is both too short and too long to get caught up in such trivial things. And trust me when I say that you will be rewarded for taking the high road and most of all, you will remain the classy person that you are.

So if you have been a victim of friends or family who may not be as supportive as you wish, that is okay. You know that you have a goal in mind and you know what you set out to do. Don’t get sidetracked trying to fight back, that energy can be better spent bringing you closer to your destiny.

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