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My mom is here visiting from Massachusetts, that is where I grew up. She came to spend some time with her grandson and you know what that means! I can actually take a long shower and I can even run out and tend to some errands without worrying about car seats! Yipee! I think my Investor’s Realtor Dominique has her mom coming any day now too. Heck we may even get to go out by ourselves and just hang without having to rush home. The joys of motherhood and real estate investing have us swamped, but that is a good thing!

I am receiving more and more requests to come to other cities in the US and teach real estate investing. So many people saw our real estate investing program in Millionaire Blue Print Magazine and want to work with us. I am truly flattered, but my answer always remains the same. My focus is the MD, DC and Virginia area and the reason our program has been so successful is because of the amount of time we spend on it. It is certainly no easy task to run a program of this caliber and it takes hard work and dedication. People may think it is easy and I know several people who have even tried to duplicate what we do, but I think they see that it requires a whole lot more than what they see us do on the surface. The real keys to the program’s success are things that most don’t even know about, behind the scenes stuff. It is a full-time job for anyone who wants to run a quality program, not something that can be done on the side. Not to mention all of the ongoing education it takes, we constantly meet with our mastermind groups to stay abreast of all the changes and to keep ourselves sharp. It definitely helps to run in circles with so many nationally known real estate investing professionals too.

Whatever you do in life that you are passionate about, make sure that you give it all that you have. Half-stepping and thinking you don’t have to work hard is a false sense of security. Anything worth having in life and anything with real quality will require some blood, sweat and tears!

Want to see real passion? Want to see people who knew they needed a change and found what they were looking for through real estate investing? If so, come on out tomorrow night, Wednesday, March 21st and hear all about how the Maryland Real Estate Secrets’ program is changing lives. The Rolls Royce of Real Estate Investing is on an unstoppable mission. Register now:  or call 202-595-1992.

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