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What a day, what a day! I was on the air live with Teresa and Jay from Heaven 1580 this morning, and if you heard us, we were laughing so hard! They are so much fun and so supportive of what we are doing in the community. Teresa was actually at my last seminar, but had to leave as soon as she got there due a family emergency. She has such a hectic schedule, but she is ready to learn investing and will be at the one in February.

My goodness, I love all the positive emails and posts I get from everyone, so thank you for that. I am beginning to get questions from my students who are making life-changing money on how to deal with negative people in their lives. With success comes envy and jealousy and anyone who is doing well is going to have to deal with that, no way of getting around it. And sometimes it can hurt when it comes from friends and family, let alone people you don’t even know. I always tell my students who are finding themselves in this position to try hard not to take it personally. Humans are built with emotions and often times people who are jealous really only wish they had your same success. And because of that desire to have what you want, it manifests itself in the form of jealousy which can be an ugly, ugly thing. A better way would be for them to follow the model of success that you did, so that they too can be in a better position. I know when I see someone with something I want, I don’t waste time with negative energy, instead I flat out ask them: “what did you do to get in this position because I want to be like you.� No shame in my game! I am so happy for anyone who reaches their goals, everyone deserves to be successful!

My husband and I were laughing because every once in a while someone will post a nasty comment to our blogs. They usually give fake names when they post, which is typical of people with such character. Most recently we were called “retards� and the other one called us “Dumb you-know-whats.� Wasn’t that nasty?? But we just laughed because we realize it was just their jealousy or inability to make a change in their lives, so they lashed out at us. Maybe it was the P.Diddy video we did, everyone loved it, but even if they didn’t, the bigger message inside the dance video was the story from the two partners who walked away with over $100,000 of equity on the second day of boot camp! If we can teach people how to do that, I think we may not be as dumb as they say we are, don’t you agree? But what they don’t realize is that we still love them and wish them much success. Heck, we would love to be able to help make them successful like we have done so many others, but they aren’t ready to receive yet. And the funny part is they stay on our email lists, so I know deep inside they really love what we are doing and really want to learn the power of real estate investing!

Tired of negativity? If you are a positive person looking for a change in life and you need to be around other positive people who can guide you to success, do yourself a favor. Come on out to my next seminar tomorrow, January 25th and learn all about real estate investing.  

Get “Rich-N- Fit� with the Queen! Can you really afford not to?

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