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I am STUMPED! I have 2 major photo shoots this week for a new product I am launching along with a celebrity and I am responsible for the creative vision. Problem is, sometimes your creative juices just aren’t working and now is one of those times for me!  Cross your fingers I get it together and quickly! LOL.  Oh, and I created this product with women entrepreneurs and those aspiring in mind, so I think you are going to love it!

I am also working on the Extreme Women Entrepreneurs Event 2013 in July, it takes a lot of lead time to have a successful event so it’s never too early to begin your preparations.  In case you are not on the pre-notification list to get event updates, make sure you sign up here:


Let’s face it, many people are petrified when it comes to marketing their products and services! Marketing means you have to talk about yourself and how great you are and for some people they equate that to bragging.

Bragging to me means “look at me, I am better than you because of XYZ…”  But Marketing for me means, “look at me and how I can help you solve your problem.”  Big difference!

The truth is that if you do not get comfy selling yourself, your bank account is not going to grow.  People WANT to know how you can help them because they desperately need help!  What do YOU do whenever you need something? You buy it right? Of course you do, so what makes you think nobody else is satisfying their needs?

No matter what people say, the formula does not change. In order to attract the RIGHT clients and customers you must have a few things line up:

  1. You must know exactly WHO your target market is
  2. A way to capture your target market’s contact info (list building and systems)
  3. A marketing message that is a MATCH for your market!

If any of those things is off, your business will reflect it.  Here is why…marketing to the WRONG people is a waste of time no matter how good your message is. The wrong people include those who can’t afford you and no matter how bad they may want you, if they can’t afford your rates, they are not your target market (those of you stuck reducing your prices all the time, know what I mean).

Talking to people who have no interest in what you are offering is another waste of time,  that means your message is not a match. (this includes trying to make your friends and family your customers, good luck with that.)  Instead, you must have systems to attract the right people to YOU, rather than you trying to turn the wrong people into your client base. That is definitely a lose/lose situation.

So stop what you are doing today and ask yourself if you have this simple formula down. If you are having problems, chances are one of them is off base.

Cheers to Business, Beauty & Balance,


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