2009 Spring Cleaning Ordered! Vicki Irvin

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Happy Spring! My allergies have already started so I know the warm weather is just around the corner!

Each spring I have a ritual that I do. I take inventory of who is in my immediate circle of friends and associates in both my personal and professional life. This particular spring I must say, has left me with little cleaning to do. I find myself surrounded by people who are motivating and encouraging and very supportive. There are only a couple of people I have had to clear out of my life, mostly due to constant negativity and never having a positive thing to say. THAT, I can do without!

One of my real estate investing students sent me an email saying she has come to a point in her life that she has had to do some cleaning herself. She and her husband are both positive people with a lot of drive and are experiencing success. While she didn’t get into the specifics of why she needed to clean certain people out of her life, I can only imagine it is due to the usual….negativity, non-supportive, envy, etc. She also talked about how sad it was to have to make that change and I agree with her. Sometimes the people bringing you down are people you love and care about very much, but they just don’t do anything to uplift you. In fact they do just the opposite. Somtimes intentional, sometimes not.

My point is that I want you to take a minute to think about your circle of influence. Do the people you hang with take your mind to new places? Do you have inspiring conversations with them? Do they support you? Are the proud of you? Do you know they have your best interest at heart? If the answer to these questions is NO, then get out the mop and start your SPRING CLEANING! You will immediately see the positive effects this one simple task can do for you and your family’s lives!

I want to know if YOU have any spring cleaning to do! Enter your comments below!

To Success And Total Balance,

Vicki Irvin
The Real Estate Investment Queen

P.S. Our First Real Estate Networking Event is on April 11th at 10am and is almost full to capacity! Sign up Quickly and come see us!

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2 People have left comments

» Jacque Beale said: { Mar 25, 2009 - 12:03:14 }

Dear Vicki,
I don’t know how to get started on the investing trail. I’m a current college student with not a whole lot of money. Please tell me how to get involved in your group because I just turned 21 and I think that its time to start living the life I deserve. I’m hard working, ambitious, and one with many hats (talents).I know that investing especially in real estate is a way to make serious money. I went to your seminar 1 year ago, and you’ve got me hooked on the program since. The only reason why I haven’t joined the program was because of financial issues. It was a great opportunity for me but I let it go by. I know that I’m young and I got time, but its better to get a start right now in my life. This can create wealth for both me and my family.

» Anonymous said: { Mar 25, 2009 - 12:03:42 }

Yes, I agree. I have finding out that I am going to have to do some Spring Cleaning and in a lot of ways, business and personal. Thank you for sending me this reminder. Sometiime you think about it, but then you just let it linger, but the time has come to react.