Psst! Attention: Beginning, Intermediate and Seasoned Entrepreneurs, Solo-preneurs, Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, Trainers, Network Marketers, Info-preneurs and Internet Marketers… Who want to realize their full earning potential and help as many people as possible while creating a flourishing business for themselves...

“Former HR Employee Turned
Mega- Successful Womanpreneur
Shows You How To Solve
All Your Advertising, Marketing, And
Sales Problems By Finally Learning

The REAL Secrets To
Building And Profiting From
A Successful Business
Using A Powerful Yet Easy and Proven Step-By-Step System…

Regardless If You Are Just Beginning Or Already Making Money!”

1I’ve Got A Question…Does this sound like you?

  • I am not making any money in my business, but I know my concept is great

  • I am profiting, but not to my full potential

  • I can’t find new clients and customers no matter what I do

  • I can’t afford to pay for marketing, my budget won’t allow for it

  • I know I need to find other ways to profit in my business but don’t know how

1Or maybe you are doubting yourself like this…

  • I am having problems believing in myself and my business
  • I don’t feel like I know quite enough on my topic to teach others
  • I don’t get any encouragement, motivation or support at home
  • Nobody believes in my mission, vision, or dream
  • I feel like I am in a place with my business that nobody understands

Don’t Have a Qualified Coach Or Mentor? I remember feeling like this…

  • I don’t have anyone to guide me or tell me if what I am doing is right or wrong
  • I know I have a great business, but I am lost on how to pull it all together
  • My business is stuck or stalled and I don’t know what to do to get to the next level
  • I don’t have any proven successful systems I am following, I am all over the place

Perhaps this is you, The Guiltypreneur…

  • I am juggling my business and family and it is overwhelming
  • I feel guilty pursuing my own dreams when I have a family
  • I have to take care of everyone else first

If any of this sounds familiar, then you are not alone!

Women Entrepreneurs everywhere are stuck, stalled or are suffering in their businesses and are desperately searching for someone to show them not only why, but how to get to the next level… In a safe and nurturing environment where everyone understands you and nobody judges you regardless of what level you are at in your business.

Dear Fellow Womanpreneur,

Hi, I am Vicki Irvin. I am most well known nationally for creating a multi-million dollar coaching practice in less than 12 months. My explosive business success has gotten me featured in the movie The Phenomenon, in Millionaire Blueprint Magazine, On The TV show Leading Experts, booked as a speaker for Fortune 500 companies and organizations, and invited to Co-Author the popular book, Women On Fire. More importantly, I was able to rinse and repeat the process that led to my success and start several other flourishing businesses.

…But my life wasn’t always so smooth! Let me explain…

What you may not know is that a few short years ago while I was still working as a human resources employee and carrying my first child, I received the news during my 8th month of pregnancy that the child I had bonded with and thought was healthy, would actually die any day from a rare birth defect in my womb. As I waited in misery, a couple weeks later, my son did indeed die.

Talk about life throwing you a curve ball!

It was the worst time in my life to date. But as we women normally do, I made it through that trying time. But what it taught me was to step out on faith and take chances because if I could survive that, I could endure and survive anything! And I did (and so can you). I went on to quit my 9-5 job and created my first multi-million dollar business a short time later. Overcoming obstacles and challenges while trying to serve others and fulfill our own dreams is what living a Superwoman Lifestyle is all about, celebrating all that we do.

Women everywhere have been asking me just what are the secrets to my success. My answer remains the same. I have become a master at marketing myself and my businesses using a powerful proven system that works over and over again. And the good news is…You can use this powerful system too! But, I don’t want to get ahead of myself. Ok, where was I? Oh yea, Can I be frank?

It all comes down to this...

If you do not know how to get more clients and customers, then you are just like most of the people I’ve helped because this is the #1 reason why you are not yet at the level you can and deserve to be in your business. It doesn’t matter how great your product or service is, if you do not know how to consistently acquire new prospects, you will never realize your full potential and you may even go out of business. (You may want to re-read that last sentence again) But don’t be discouraged because
it’s not your fault!

Few people, let alone women know this business system and even fewer are willing to share it…But the good news is that together we can fix that.

(I’m Talking About The Real Juicy Secrets Too!)

So why do some people know these marketing secrets and others don’t? There are still very few people who know this effective and lucrative style of marketing and how to apply it the right way. It’s a small good ole boys network, but that hasn’t stopped me. I have been fortunate enough to have spent the last five years surrounded by very high level internet and information marketers from all industries and niches, predominantly males. I have been in top private mastermind sessions with multi-million dollar entrepreneurs from the US to the UK learning the behind the scenes secrets to what makes their businesses so profitable and learning the system. When I say TOP marketers, I mean THE top marketers.

Yes, I have infiltrated this very male dominated circle of successful men and became one of them, an honorary member of their elite click. So what does that mean for you? Well after applying these systems I have learned over the years to my own businesses and experiencing massive success, I have decided to open up the floodgates and show other women entrepreneurs nationally my blueprint for success shaving years off of your learning curve. You get to benefit from all my years of hard work and having to hang out with all those guys, which trust me, could be rough sometimes!

The marketing strategies that I use, I apply to all of my successful businesses and every last one of them is thriving. There is not a market, industry or niche that I can’t go into and not be successful because my specialized knowledge in marketing has solidified that for me. How can I talk so boldy? Well, let’s just say I get it from all the millionaire guys I have been hanging out with the last 5 years, they do it all the time and so should we be able to, we work just as hard!

Check Out What Ben Had To Say After Spending A Couple Days With Me In A Private Mastermind In The UK...

“Vicki is one of the sharpest marketers I Know!”


" I met Vicki at a private mastermind event in the United Kingdom. She went toe-to-toe with some of the top Internet Marketers on the planet.

Our business has consistently generated over $1 Million per year in sales. We thought we had exhausted all our angles and were stuck generating the same income. However, Vicki gave us two totally new ideas we used immediately. She's not even in our market but was able to give our business a totally fresh perspective.

I believe that her down-to-earth, common sense, no BS approach is what sets her apart from other educators. Plus, she is genuinely interested and passionate about what she teaches. Working with her gives you the sense that she cares just as much as if it was her own business!

-- Ben Moskel
Internet Marketer

But Boy Did I Have To Learn All Of This Stuff The Hard Way, Something I Don’t Want You To Have To Experience, Check This Out…


I’ve Suffered The Scrapes and Bruises and discovered the real short cuts so that you can do what I’ve done…Only Faster!

See, much of it has to do with educating yourself and having mentors who have been there done that, to teach you. And as you can imagine I’ve spent thousands upon thousands of dollars to attend the various events. Once I started doing that, everything went to a new level for me, because as hard as I tried, I couldn’t do it alone until I mastered the proven system. Before learning the system, I went about things all the wrong way. Check out some of the mistakes I made:

Vicki BIG Mistake #1 – I wanted to help all my friends and family learn to do what I did so they too could prosper, so I made myself available and gave it all away for free.

Fact – Friends and family will rarely value the advice and knowledge you try to give them, they are more interested in the monetary reward and won’t want to put in the work you have to get there.

Vicki BIG Mistake #2 – I thought because referrals worked well that would be all I needed, but when that well ran dry, so did my business.

Fact – Relying on Referrals only or ANY one way of generating business is a fatal mistake, you must learn at least four ways to market your business in order to bullet-proof it.

Vicki BIG Mistake #3 – I thought I could do it alone by looking at what several other people were doing and then putting my own system together.

Fact – Following what various random people are doing will only keep you busy and going in circles, but rarely will it produce results. You must choose a successful mentor you can connect with and master their proven system so that you can focus.

Vicki BIG Mistake #4 – Talking to everybody who would listen to me about my entrepreneurial goals and dreams and having people discourage me or tell me I was nuts.

Fact – Only other entrepreneurs understand entrepreneurs. Not having a circle of like-minded people to bounce ideas off of leads to a lonely world and possibly giving up. You must join a secure circle of women who are on the same mission as you.


And unfortunately I could go on and on and on with the other BIG mistakes, but I think you get the gist and I’m sure you understand that the New System You’ll Be Learning Will Help You Avoid ALL of the mistakes and gets you the results you truly deserve.

If you are anything like me, you learn by getting step by step guidance on what to do and how to do it, so that you can walk away with a blueprint for implementation, not unclear and left floundering. I know the common pitfalls that prevent you from moving forward because I have been through it all myself.

Now Let’s Get Down To Business And Talk About SOME Of What You Will Be Getting In This Jam Packed Three (3) Day Event! (of course there is much more, but here are some highlights)

The “Secrets” I have uncovered
while tailing some of the most successful entrepreneurs over the last five years that I have repackaged for women in “our” language that nobody else will tell you…

Part 1:
Vicki Irvin’s Step By Step Method of
Identifying Your Target Market And
Niching Down-There Are Riches In Niches!

Did you know that few women entrepreneurs ever take the time to research their target market? This ever so critical step in your business can be the difference between thousands and thousands of dollars versus little to no profit at all.


Because everyone assumes they know who their market is and nine times out of ten it is too general or too broad. There are hidden riches in niches and finding out the demographics, habits, culture likes and dislikes of your market are the REAL keys to targeting your marketing efforts and uncovering boatloads of paying, qualified candidates. For example, “Women” is NOT a target market, you must dig way deeper. Every profitable business has taken the time to research “who” their market is down to age, education level, salary and much more.


Consider this, what is the purpose of spending time and money marketing to the wrong person when ONE shift can put your business in front of clients dying to invest in what you have to offer. Be prepared to hone in and figure out exactly who you should be marketing to, who has the money to pay you for your services and who your ideal repeat customer will be. Some of you will discover you have it all wrong and when you finally get it right…well the rest will be history!


Part 2:
How To Establish A Website That Captures Prospects, Gains Exposure On The Internet And Makes Money

Do you realize that most web sites are nothing more than an “on-line” business card? Flashy, beautiful web sites that play music may be pleasing to the eye, but they are not attracting prospects and clients which means they are not generating revenue for you. Don’t get stuck with a web site that is lost in cyber-space, learn how to use your web site the right way to build your list and give your business a presence on the internet.


Go to Google right now and type in keys words for your product or service…if you do NOT appear in those search results on the first page then your web site is lost in space. Think of the internet as the modern day Yellow Pages and when customers want a service, that is where they are searching. Is any of that traffic coming to you? If not you are losing a major portion of your potential income. I will reveal exactly how use your website the proper way so that it converts visitors into paying clients.

Part 3:
How To Design A Clear And Concise Marketing Message And Brand That Leaves Your Prospects Wanting More Of You

If I met you at an event and asked you what you did, would you be able to look me in the eye and tell me in a clear and concise way that left me not only understanding, but wanting more? Most women entrepreneurs have a rough time communicating exactly what their biz, product or service is all about. If you can’t sell someone in 10 seconds, chances are you are damaging yourself and your bank account. Fact…people buy from confident people who know their stuff, any indication you are unsure and you have just lost a sale. But don’t worry, everyone will walk away with a clear marketing message for their product that they will memorize and that can sell people in 10 seconds flat.


Sometimes all it takes is making sure your model is correct and that you are not trying to jam too many businesses into one that just don’t fit. You never want to appear to be “doing too much” it sends a message that you don’t have it together. Are you the Brand of your business, or is your business represented by something else? I will show you how to figure out the best Brand for your business and how to market your Brand so that you stand out from your competition. Your clients have a choice when they do business, what is going to make them choose YOU? Working on your Brand and solidifying your place in the market is crucial to your success. Let’s work on YOUR brand and make you stand out from everyone else with the WOW factor!

Part 4:
Simple Ways To Build Your List Of Qualified Prospects. Your List Will Be The Key To Making BIG Money

Blindly marketing to family and friends and crossing your fingers and “hoping” someone is interested in your product or service is no way for serious entrepreneurs to operate! Sending emails to random people who have no interest in what you do is a waste of your valuable time. Every successful entrepreneur has spent time building a list of qualified prospects interested in their product or service. NOT building and having a list will severely limit your earning potential.


What would you rather do? Have a huge list of people who genuinely need what you have…or sending generic messages to people who probably could careless? I will show you my secrets to effortlessly building a list of qualified prospects you can convert to paying clients and customers who will buy your products and services over and over again. Building and growing your list will be the #1 key to your business generating consistent revenue.


Part 5:
How To Identify Additional Streams Of Income Within Your Existing Business

Everyone knows that multiple streams of income is a must have! Instead of trying to work on a bunch of unrelated business models, what if i could show you how to pull more money from your EXISTING business model? Do you know that most people have at least 2-3 additional streams of income within their existing business that they are overlooking?


Sometimes when you get focused you develop tunnel vision and it can stifle your ability to look at things from a new or fresh perspective. Learn how to step back and pull revenue generating opportunities from what you already have and immediately boost your profits and revenues. You will be amazed at what was staring you in the face the whole time!

Part 6:
How To Easily Create Information Products That
You Can Sell On-Line Using A Simple System
Using New And Old Material

You may not realize it, but you could quite possibly already have raw material that can be turned into information products you can sell and profit from. Have you ever conducted a tele-seminar? Ever written great articles on your business? Do you have a blog?


If not, don’t worry, I will show you a quick, easy and affordable way to create info-products for your business that will make you money on-line while you sleep, ANYONE can and should be doing this! My step by step process on creating information products is simple and easy using YOUR expertise and turning you into a specialist in your field that has information your prospects and clients can benefit from and will want to buy.


Part 7:
How To Give Yourself And Your Business
Instant Credibility By Dominating Google
And Other Search Engines-FREE!

Ever wonder how businesses get ranked in Google? I bet you thought they were spending a ton of money to get there didn’t you? What if I told you I can show you how to create instant credibility for your business and your name by showing you how you can FREELY dominate the first page of Google and drive tons of traffic back to your web site or blog?


Yes I said Free! I will show you an easy way to dominate google and other search engines that don’t require you to be a techie at all. These strategies will instantly boost your business and profits.

Part 8:
How To Connect And Network With
The Right People And
Attract The Clients You Want
Learn The Power Of The “It Factor”

Ever meet a woman who no matter where she goes, when she walks into the room everyone stares and flocks to her... men AND women? You too can have the “It Factor” and use it to attract the clients and people you want in your circle of influence. There is an art to learning how to connect with people that leaves them needing and wanting more of you.


It is a proven fact that people buy from people they like. I will show you how to network the proper way and why everything you were doing before may have just been pushing people away. It took me years to learn some of these strategies, and now I will save you the time. Always remember that connection is key to building a business relationship and without this skill, you are hindering your business and limiting your earning potential.


Part 9:
How To Use Social Media The RIGHT Way
-Learn Vicki’s Secrets To Obtaining 5,000 Friends
In Record Time And Thousands More Raving Fans

Social media is great when used the RIGHT way and can lead to increased profits for your business. Problem is most people do not know how to use it properly. Learn how to infuse your personality while remaining professional and getting your brand and business in front of thousands of people in record time.


I will show you my social media secrets to launching your events, products and services while building a list of prospects every single day. Learn my secrets on how to drive traffic from Facebook back to your website which should be your number one goal. I will show you how to launch a Fanpage or group that engages your members, has them buzzing about you, and grows every single day.



I also have Millionaire Big Money Speaker James Malinchak coming to speak to you live from my stage! In case you haven’t heard, James is one of the most in demand and sought after speakers in the world. He is a top marketer, speaker, coach and advisor for such big names as Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, co-authors of Chicken Soup For the Soul. James was recently featured on the Joan Rivers Show, “How Did you Get So Rich” and is in production with his own reality show. James is literally connected to A-lists stars, celebrities and business people nationally and If you had to attend one of James Events to hear him talk about what he will be sharing from my stage you would be paying thousands of dollars.

Now I know you may be thinking that you have no interest in being a speaker, some people do, some people don’t. But the beauty of it all is that James also teaches you how to speak to connect with and attract the key people and clients you need to go to the next level. There is an art and science to networking and connecting and nobody does it better than him. You know he has to be powerful to have mega-successful people fighting to get in line for his coaching. I sure am glad I got in with him when I did!

More importantly, James is one of the most awesome, sincere people you will ever meet, constantly raising money for charities and giving back! James is just as excited as I am about meeting you in person. He loves what I am doing and he knows first-hand the need for women entrepreneurs to prosper and learn the critical skills they need to become successful, and because of that he is flying in from Las Vegas to help me on my mission to transform lives.


Check Out This Message From James To YOU:



My event will allow for “SUPER SEAT” Opportunities! A ‘SUPER SEAT’ is when you get SUPER help! SUPER stands for: Specific, Unique, Powerful, Exciting and Revealing feedback from the group regarding your business so you can see first-hand how powerful masterminds can be. Yes, that’s right you can come up on stage and have your business question or challenge solved by myself and other women entrepreneurs, but if you’re not comfortable coming on stage, don’t worry, we will still help you! I GUARANTEE you this: Anyone who gets to take advantage of the ‘SUPER SEAT’ experience, will walk away with at least one idea that will be life-changing.

You will get Step by step guidance on what to do and how to do it, so that you can walk away with a blueprint for implementation, not unclear and confused (don’t you hate that?).

Don’t worry, I know the common pitfalls that prevent you from moving forward, I have felt them all before, pushed through them and made it work…and I will show you how to do the same. I know that the world of entrepreneurship can be lonely, if you are not constantly communicating with other entrepreneurs and masterminding on what does and does not work, you will quickly fizzle out and give up. Stop talking to family and friends who don’t “get it”, it is time to surround yourself with other women on the same mission as you who can help encourage and motivate you to higher levels. And that is the EXACT environment I am creating at The Extreme Women Entrepreneurs’ Event!

SSHHH! Don’t tell anyone but…

Now I am SUPER selective about who I put on stage at my events, that has to be obvious since I have James the most sought after speaker of them all coming...But when I found out the game changing, life-changing information that Kim Davis was hoarding away, I BEGGED her to share it exclusively at my event! What she knows how to do will quite possibly be the BIG break a lot of women entrepreneurs have been searching for and you can ONLY get it here! (I locked her in on an exclusive contract)


Hi my name is Kim Davis and I’m so excited about being a part of Vicki Irvin’s 2010 Extreme Women Entrepreneurs Retreat in June. For those of you who may not know me, I am a partner in a highly successful affiliate marketing company. I am also an author of two books The Woman's Guide to Creating Balance: 21 Secrets that will Restore, Re-Energize, and Renew Your Life and Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs: Taking Social Media to the Next Level.

For years I have traveled to trade shows, industry events, and various internet marketing conferences only to become more and more dissatisfied about the lack of women that are involved in this exciting and lucrative industry. Therefore, I decided to make it my mission to introduce this opportunity to women, so that you too could reap the benefits of a business that would provide you with the opportunity to work as much or as little as you would like depending on your income goals, work from home or anywhere there is an internet connection, and enjoy the flexibility that will give you the time to focus on your business, your family, but most importantly on yourself.

I shared my vision with Vicki, who also knows what it’s like to succeed in a male dominated industry, and she has been extremely supportive. What you may not also know is that I have gone to a new level in my business thanks to Vicki and her coaching. She is awesome in pulling out your strengths, showing you additional revenue streams and giving you the boost you need to go to heights you may not have ever imagined.

Not only can affiliate marketing work for you as a standalone business, but if you are already a business owner you can apply the same tips and strategies to your online or offline business. These are the same strategies that are already being used by some of the most successful male affiliate marketers in the world, but few women know about because there are so few of us in the industry. The best part of all this, is that the information I will be sharing utilizes applications that many of you are already familiar with...Facebook and Twitter.

So if you are serious about making the leap to entrepreneurship, or you are looking for an additional stream of income to your current business, don’t miss this opportunity to learn what is predicted to be one of the top money making industries this decade!

— Kim A. Davis


LUCKY YOU! I Twisted The Arm Of One Of Sharpest Internet Marketers Out There That I Have Had The Pleasure Of Working With:

Ed Rush Presents…
The Fastest (And Most Lucrative) Way to Create An Info-Products Business Selling Your Knowledge


You may not have heard of Ed Rush and that's because Ed is NOT one of the "visible" internet marketers out there speaking everywhere just trying to sell a course. He really is a "secret weapon" because he's one of the "underground" people who is one of the smartest, savviest, and sharpest people making money online today.


The reason you never heard of Ed is because certain big name marketers pay him a lot to sit at his computer and bring in tons of new traffic...convert that traffic into buyers...and retain all of these new customers into monthly repeat buyers...which makes us serious big money online!


So why would I ask Ed to come out from his "underground hideaway" and speak to you at this new seminar? Because I told you that I would reveal to you the "stuff behind the stuff" that nobody will share that will allow you to become a part of the "insider's circle!"


The most amazing thing about Ed is that he wasn't some sort of computer programmer. Ed is a former Marine Corps fighter pilot who taught himself the internet...and who now makes a LOT of money while working at home sitting in his pajamas. The reason he's been able to make so much money is that he's figured out how to sell information products and continuity programs online & offline.

In this fast-paced presentation, you'll discover…

How Ed went from not knowing anything about internet marketing to Millionaire Status...and you have probably never heard of him!


How Ed went from $1500 a month to $46,407.70 a month in continuity income… in part by adding a simple copy-and-past line to his websites. You will have Ed's permission to copy and paste these EXACT words. (This is not a teaser…Ed will give you these words line for line so you can use them too!)

How to create and package your products to create sizzling income-creating, cash-generating, bank-account-exploding streams of income FAST!

9 ways to convert traffic to becoming continuously paying customers…over and over again!

And, so much more…

Breathe And Let It Go!

Right about now, I know what you are probably saying, “But Vicki, this sounds like so much information and work and I have a family, kids and so many responsibilities that I am already juggling, can I REALLY do this?” Well welcome to my world sister! I too have a family, I have a young son, a husband (I guess that makes two sons), several different businesses and a boatload of responsibilities, not to mention trying to make time for myself and not get lost. I know how demanding our lives can be because I live it every day. But the key is mastering the system so that many of the time consuming aspects of your business are put on auto-pilot, freeing up your time so that family, children and friends do not get slighted…Not to mention neglecting yourself.

I would never tell you something I don’t practice myself. We as women have got to find some balance in our lives in order to be all that we can be…without all the guilt. That is what Superwoman Lifestyle is all about, Business, Beauty, Health and Balance. We CAN have it all and don’t let anyone tell you different! My intention is NOT to overwhelm you, but to arm you with life-changing secrets and systems that will breathe life into your business with a vengeance that NOBODY else is going to share with you! Sorry for giving out so much content, I can’t help it!

“I Selected Vicki To Write A Chapter In The Book Women on Fire”

"Long before she organized the fabulous Superwoman Lifestyle practice, Vicki Irvin was a super woman to me. I admired her love and dedication to her family, her work, her community and most of all taking good care of herself. So much so, I selected Vicki to write a chapter in the book Women on Fire: 20 Inspiring Women Share Their Life Secrets (and Save You Years of Struggle!).


I have asked Vicki to be on my panel at my own upcoming event for women this April where I cannot wait to introduce her to Stedman Graham who is my keynote speaker.


She is the role model so many of us search for. And, she is as warm, intelligent, experienced and down-to-earth as she is beautiful inside and out. I count myself very lucky to be in her circle!

-- Debbie Phillips
Women on Fire™



Once your business is set up properly and running on autopilot you will finally be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor that come from working RIGHT and not hard. My entrepreneurial lifestyle allows me to travel when I want and vacation whenever I want, something I couldn’t do before when I was chained to my desk at my 9-5 job.


With the proper systems, all you need is your laptop and you can work from whatever island you want and still make money! That freedom is priceless and very attainable. It also allows me to consistently educate and invest in myself, something that continues to be an important part of my success. Check out some of the fun I have had traveling around and meeting awesome people and experiencing great business opportunities:


“More Than $100,000 In Profit In Just The First 12 Months!”

"I have increased my net worth by $300,000 since June 2008 using Vicki Irvin’s principles and have made more than $100,000 in profit in just the first 12 months. Vicki only teaches win-win solutions for all parties and with the highest moral and ethical standards for her students. This is the only way to do business and it will give you the personal satisfaction that you are making a positive difference in the business community. Simply amazing!


"My First Return On Investment From Her Coaching Yielded $12,000 and In 30 Days I will have another check for $30,000!

"Since becoming a student of Vicki Irvin, I have learned an abundant amount of information! My First return on investment from her coaching, yielded $12,000 and in 30 days I am expecting a check for $30,000 using her strategies! Vicki has been a great teacher and marketing coach!"


"After Learning And Applying Techniques Involving Conversions, Web Traffic, And Direct Marketing, This Alone Has Doubled Last Year's Revenues And Profits"

"Our company has flourished since applying the marketing strategies that Vicki Irvin's program has provided. After learning and applying techniques involving conversions, web traffic, and direct marketing, this alone has doubled last year's revenues and profits. Vicki's coaching meetings and mentorship are invaluable, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to take their company to the next level."

-- Shonda Grier
ASG Investments

"I Have Significantly Increased My Mailing List Which In Turn Has Increased My Bottom Line!"

"Vicki’s coaching is amazing.. She provides a great place for women of all walks to network and to help empower each other. This is especially true for women in business. Vicki Irvin reviewed my website and pointed out things that I had completely overlooked ! Based on her observation, I have Significantly Increased My Mailing list which in turn has increased my bottom line! Keep up the great work, Vicki! ...And thank you for everything!"

Shermaine Davis
Founder & CEO, The Body Patisserie

"In My Circle Of Influence, Vicki Irvin Is more Than A Leader And Mentor She Is A Catalyst And Her Work Speaks For Itself!"

"Vicki Irvin's presence exudes wisdom, elegance and generosity while the Superwoman in her fills your mind, body and soul with meaningful keys to creating a success blueprint that works. Vicki is a natural self-Investor in every area of life and it is apparent because she models it, she's passionate about it and most importantly she shares it. My thinking of what's possible has completely changed and been energized since I have been following her. In my circle of influence, Vicki Irvin is more than a leader and mentor she is a catalyst and her work speaks for itself!"


Nekisha-Michelle Bakre, MSW

Life Re-Design Queen
Life Coach, Author & Talk Radio Host

Check Out What Other Entrepreneurs In Different Niches Across The World Have To Say About Vicki Irvin And Her Business Savvy:

Jonathan Sprinkles
Speaker and Author


"I Have Had The Pleasure Of Working With Many Ultra Successful People Like Donald Trump And Vicki Irvin. I Am Amazed At Her Business Savvy And Success."

"I’m Kristi Frank from Donald Trump’s Apprentice. I have had the pleasure of working with many ultra successful people like Donald Trump and Vicki Irvin. I am amazed at her business savvy and success. Vicki has developed Superwoman Lifestyle, an awesome coaching practice for women nationally to network and learn about business, fitness, health and how to balance family all at the same time. If you are a woman looking for total balance in your life, then I suggest latching onto Vicki and learning all you can!"


Kristi Frank
Saturday Morning Success

"You Could Look A Long, Long Time, But You're Not Going To Find A Better Mentor For Your Entrepreneurial Efforts Than Vicki Irvin."

"Vicki walks the talk. In addition to being a great business person and trainer, she's a great mom, wife and friend."

Ken McCarthy
Internet Marketing Pioneer



Extreme Women Entrepreneurs Retreat is not about me, I already know the system! It is about what I can share with you to help you become an Entrepreneur realizing her dreams. I know how it feels to be passionate about your business and have that feeling in your gut where you know your product or service can help people. I also know how it feels when you feel helpless because you just don’t know what to do next…and nobody is really showing you how, just a bunch of fluff.

My events are not about B.S. They are about action plans to set you up for success and take you to new levels regardless of where you are in your business. So whether you are just starting out with an idea, or if you are already profiting, Extreme Women Entrepreneurs is designed to give you the knowledge and tools you need to become a master marketer just like I did and rise to the top of your game. Are you ready?


Date: Friday-Sunday, July 9th-11th

Location: L’Enfant Plaza Hotel, Washington, DC

(Just 7 minutes from Washington, Reagan Airport)

Travel Hotel Information: Everyone Likes To Have Options. So, We Secured Two Hotels For You To Choose From...

Extreme Women Entrepreneur’s Event will be held at the beautiful L’Enfant Plaza Hotel in Washington, DC just 7 minutes from Washington, Reagan Airport

Experience The Ideal Downtown Washington DC Hotel

Discover the comfort and the unsurpassed convenience of L'Enfant Plaza Hotel. Nestled just steps from the National Mall, Smithsonian Museums, and the Monuments, this downtown Washington DC hotel offers a truly unmatched location. Explore the wonders of the city by Metro Subway line - with a station directly below the hotel. Savor the vast array of nearby restaurants, shops, and historic sites. Enjoy a restful stay within this elegant downtown DC hotel, offering gracious service in an undeniably dynamic setting.

  • Situated in the heart of downtown Washington DC
  • Direct access to a Metro Subway station underneath the hotel
  • Just steps from the National Mall, the Smithsonian Museums and nearby monuments
  • Minutes from corporate offices and government agencies


Click to make your hotel reservation on line here and reference group code is VIE064:

Superwoman Lifestyle Seminar

** Please note, this special room rate will expire on June 9th 2010

Your Second Hotel Option Is The Holiday Inn, Capitol Hill..


We have also secured super special room rates at the Holiday Inn, Capitol Hill, just 3 minutes walking distance from the event

Click to make your reservation at the Holiday Inn Here:

**Please note, this special room rate will expire on June 9th, 2010

Vicki, Is There A Guarantee?

But of course! I am so confident this is the event and learning environment you have been searching for that I have no problem offering my money back guarantee! If after attending the first day of the Extreme Women Entrepreneurs Event you do not feel I have delivered on what I have promised, simply turn in your materials and I will write your 100% refund check on the spot! I have done over 70 Live Events and not one time has anyone ever taken me up on my guarantee, I believe in what I do and I deliver! But I still offer it so you can comfortable with your decision.


  • Women who are stuck or stalled in their business
  • Women who need someone to bring their business ideas to fruition
  • Women who have been searching for something like this from someone they can trust
  • Women who recognize  life-changing opportunities
  • Women ready to run their business like a business and not a hobby
  • Women who are ready to implement a proven success system
  • Women ready to take their business to 6 and 7 figures annually


  • Whiners and complainers and excuse makers
  • Negative people who only harp on non-productive things
  • Women who are not ready for real success

So What’s The Investment FOR Attending?

But Of Course, With The Good, Comes The Bad… And I’ve Got Bad News…

Here is the bad news…and I say this with confidence…Nobody else of my caliber, knowledge or skill set is giving out this information without charging thousands and thousands of dollars for it and I don’t think they should. They have invested astronomical amounts of money in their own education, and their knowledge isvaluable and when applied, makes people money. For that they should be respected and compensated for it...



Normally my three (3) day events unveiling my entrepreneur success secrets along with top notch guest speakers would cost upwards of $3,997! But because I promised to make 2010 the year women entrepreneurs everywhere get the tools and knowledge they really need to be prosperous, I am going to stick to that promise and allow as many ladies as possible the affordable opportunity to get information that I have paid high FIVE figures for… for only $697.00 when you register by June 9th, 2010.

Smart women who have been searching for something like this from someone they can trust will recognize this as a life-changing opportunity and one they will forever regret if they miss. Life is about opportunity and seizing it. You have to make the decision to either be serious about your business, or continue to treat it as a hobby. I personally want to work with those who are serious because I want to see success stories. Every coach or mentor wants to see their students successful and I am no different.


See it’s time to show up for yourself and your family, no more talk, it’s about implementation, a place many women struggle in business. No longer will you make excuses or talk yourself out of finally getting the tools you need to succeed. This gift is being presented to you and you have to live with yourself if you let it pass you by. I have removed all of the barriers that could possibly stop you, and now the rest is up to you. You either want it, or you don’t.



Well because smart women everywhere are going to jump on this life-changing opportunity, I know the seats are going to get snatched up quickly, and because of that, this is one time you cannot procrastinate. Seating is limited so that everyone gets the attention they need. My events always sell out (something I can teach you how to do too) so fast action takers are the ones who will reap the rewards.

But That's Not All...
I Have SEVEN Unadvertised Bonuses I'm Giving Away To The First 24 Women Who Secure Their Seat And Pay In Full!

  • Bonus #1- Special Closed door session with Vicki at the event to focus on your business - A $1,000.00 Value
  • Bonus #2- Free CD SERIES CALLS of Vicki’s coaching calls - A $397.00 Value
  • Bonus #3- My "Social Media Secrets Revealed" Course - A $47.00 Value
  • Bonus #4- Autographed copy of Vicki’s book Women On Fire - A $24.95 Value
  • Bonus #5- Free Branded YouTube Channel - A $200.00 Value
  • Bonus #6-Free Branded and customized Facebook Page - A $300.00 Value
  • Bonus #7- Free Branded and customized Twitter Page - A $300.00 Value

That's A Value of $2,268.95 In Bonuses ALONE!




As if the investment is not already a ridiculous steal, I am also offering a 3-payment plan option for those who secure their seat by May 14th, 2010. Yes! you can pay in 3 equal monthly installments of just $232.33 per month when you register by May 14th.


James Malinchak's College Speaking Success Boot CampYes, Vicki! I want to take advantage of your 2010 promise to women entrepreneurs and secure my seat at this special pricing. I am tired of not making the money I deserve in my business and I am ready to learn a proven step-by-step system that I can use over and over again to profit and grow by business.

I understand that an opportunity to learn from you as well as some of the most sought after speakers and coaches in the world at this investment is truly a once in a life-time event!

Because you have offered a 100% money back guarantee if I am not satisfied and because I am eligible for over $2,000 in bonuses, I want to act now and secure my spot before all the seats are gone. In addition I understand that if I register right away, I am able to take advantage of the Superwoman payment plan and can make three (3) easy payments of $232.33!


REMINDER: Once all the seats are gone, we will have to close the retreat, so be sure to secure your seat now!


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After traveling the world the last five (5) years, investing thousands and thousands of dollars, learning the systems that make some of the top entrepreneurs in the world so successful, applying these systems to my own businesses and watching them flourish, I am happy to be sharing these secrets with women everywhere!


All barriers and excuses have been removed, I have created THE perfect event and THE perfect opportunity. If you want to make money so that you can enjoy your life with financial freedom. If you are tired of not making the money you deserve.  If you want a proven system you can repeat over and over again to profit…..Then this is your time. Your opportunity.  See you in July!


To Your Success,




P.S. This three day event is going to change your life. Nobody else is giving you REAL content, or a REAL system you can walk out the door and profit from for this investment. Don’t miss out!