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Check out what other women entrepreneurs nationally have
to say about Vicki...

Hi Vicki,

I thoroughly enjoyed the conference call! There are several topics that were addressed that I really needed to hear. I've been busy trying to "perfect my craft" before I launch my company and I now realize that's not as important as I thought it was - at least in terms of waiting for the perfect time to start my company. There are not a lot of women in my industry so finding people to help me is a continuous challenge for me. Thanks for such great advice Vicki. I really appreciate it and I look forward to speaking with you.

Brianne Joseph
Sly Fox Investigations, LLC

Dear Vicki,

The 2010 Coaching Call for Women Entrepreneurs tonight was delightful. I particularly benefited from the information on Internet/Information Marketing. I'm looking forward to focusing my energy on the creation of my signature product and our first coaching call together. Thank you for providing 6 months of 'mini Master Mind' opportunities.

Paula L. Frate
Coaching and Consulting

Wow Vicki,

My “Aha” moment was the part when you reminded us of how much we need to invest in ourselves. By attending workshops, seminars and mentoring groups. I know I want to learn more about marketing, so for sure this year it is no more excuses. I am going to make this thing work. I thank God for Women like you.

Vernessa R. Blackwell
Wedding & Event Planner


I just got off the phone with you and have to tell you how much I enjoyed the conference call. I do love to hear you speak. I think the one thing that hit home the most for me, personally, was overcoming fear. I am always afraid, what if I fail, what if I succeed, what if, what if … and you are so right. I will fail and I will succeed and each time I overcome my fears I am so thrilled that I took the steps to meet life head first.

Cassandra E. Ellis,
RPR Realtime Elite

Hi Vicki,

Thank you so much for contributing your knowledge and expertise. I know my products but have been allowing the recession to dictate the amount of money in my pocket. I have been lacking in being more active and more timid on approaching past, present, and potential clients.

I do need to market harder to gain success.

Prabha Singh
Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc.

Hi Vicki,

This was my first coaching call with you and the information that I received was priceless. Your comments on fear were well received as I have struggled with that for years. What really hit home for me was your information on the importance of good marketing. I look forward to your next coaching call and will look for information on your women's conference in June.

Toni D. Foster
Critique' Boutique, Inc.

Hi Vicki,

I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was on the call tonight. I have been on many calls but no one has ever held my attention as you! I do a lot of marketing and know that it is key to branding yourself and your product. You are an amazing speaker!

I hope to learn more about your trainings and possibly make the event in June.

Dawn Ranieri


Hi Vicki,

I really enjoyed your coaching call tonight. I have often been afraid to price some of my products at the rate they should be sold. I appreciate you reminding me to have faith in my product and those who support my line. Listening to you was refreshing and I can't wait until next month’s call.

Sheri M. Green, CEO
Âme Cosmetics & Âme Beauty Boutique

Hi Vicki,

What jumped out at me was the information about having an opt in space on your website. That hit home, because I do not have an opt in space. Being on the call was very uplifting and right on time. I have made some major changes in my thinking and this call reinforced them. Thank you for sharing of your time. I am glad to be a part of what you do.

Sandra Mizell Chaney
Minister, Life Coach

Tonight’s call was truly inspiring and informative. The key point that I got is that you can have a product or service 100 times better than your competition, if you don't know how to market it effectively it will not sell. All the info you gave tonight were great tools I can use to increase my business and become more successful.

I look forward to the next conference call!

Essie Offer
Primerica Financial Services

Your call tonight really reminded of some things I had heard you say before and introduced me to some new concepts I never thought of. "You are in the business of sales and marketing". I actually almost went deaf after you said that because that alone will increase my businesses 100 fold. Thank you for your willingness to share your gifts.

Wanda Mays Noel
La'John Media, L.L.C.

WOW! How happy am I to have been on the call with you and the other lady entrepreneurs. This call was a call of a lifetime. I have searched and searched on one system that I could utilize to take me to the next level. To give me that start I needed with relevant information. I have found that in you Vicki, and look forward to the Extreme Women's Conference in June.

Lydia Hall
Business/Life Coaching
PR Innovations, MHH